Diatomaceous Earth

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth is a great natural scabies treatment option for both your body and your environment. Diatomaceous earth is a small algae that is crushed into a powder that, while relatively harmless to humans and pets, is deadly to scabies mites and other small insects. This is because the powder essentially suffocates and/or dehydrates the mite by sticking to and coating it’s outer layer. Diatomaceous earth is used as an effective treatment for bed bugs and other infestations for this reason.

It’s incredibly important that you purchase food grade diatomaceous earth, and not just what they stock at your local hardware store. Diatomaceous earth is often used for tasks such as cleaning pools and other heavy household applications, and may contain other ingredients not safe for close contact with the skin.

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth for Scabies

Diatomaceous Earth is a fine, white/gray powder that resembles flour – it’s fluffy and it gets everywhere! Ways to use this powder to help get rid of scabies are:

  1. Sprinkle all over bedsheets and pillows every day. This will get messy, but it’s important to re-apply to ensure you are killing the mites faster than they can reproduce. If you drive, it’s a good idea to sprinkle the dust over your car seat as well. You can always vacuum it out after you’ve insured you are scabies-free.
  2. Sprinkle all over mattress and box spring. I recommend doing this after using a handheld steam cleaner over every square inch of both the mattress and box spring or bed frame, and before you put on a mattress cover. The heat steam kills scabies, and is a powerful tool when used in conjunction with diatomaceous earth. Do this carefully and thoroughly!
  3. Make a mixture of diatomaceous earth and all-purpose cleaner in a clean spray bottle. You don’t have to be precise, but it should be roughly 1/4 diatomaceous earth and the rest the cleaning solution. Use this mixture to wipe down EVERY surface of your home that you touch, DAILY. Chairs, tables, toilet seats, desks, and anywhere else you regularly use are all fair game.I recommend following these three stepsĀ in order to get rid of scabies fast. The most important step in your routine, however, should be…

The Magic Formula!

Diatomaceous earth kills scabies, and scabies live in your skin, so it makes sense to put this stuff ON your skin. How? By mixing it with either a carrier oil or lotion and applying it to your skin. This works well because it’s a simple, all-day treatment that helps you fight scabies while you’re busy living your life. An additional benefit is that your skin will get the healing properties of the lotion/oil, which it will sorely need after dealing with the reactions from scabies bites. Not exactly magic, but it will feel like it if it works as well for you as it did for me!

How I did it: take a small tupperware container, put about 1/4 a cup of a healing body lotion, and mix in a couple spoonfuls of diatomaceous earth. The mix will end up looking fairly grayish, but it should still apply to your skin just like normal lotion. Apply this mixture multiple times daily, making sure to cover your entire body. Take extra care to apply to spots like in between your fingers, the backs of your knees, and anywhere you might miss during a normal lotion application.

You can use several different kinds of carrier oils for this as well, all economical and fairly easy to find. My recommendations are almond oil and grapeseed oil, but you can use others if you have them on hand. Make sure you use oil that is meant for your skin. You can prepare and apply the oil the same way you would with the lotion.

I truly believe all of these steps, especially the last one, are crucial to getting rid of scabies. I know it can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive getting rid of these nasty mites. Once you do, however, you’ll rest easy and finally have peace of mind. For other suggested treatments to use in conjunction with diatomaceous earth, check out how to use sulfur soap and neem oil for a natural scabies treatment.